People power seeks SeaChangeNI

The seas around Ireland are abundant with marine life
The public is demanding greater protection for Northern Ireland’s marine life



PEOPLE across Northern Ireland have demonstrated their clout by helping to highlight the urgent need to protect the region’s marine life through supporting the SeaChangeNI campaign.

Over 1,300 individuals have pledged their support for the Northern Ireland Marine Task Force’s (NIMTF) campaign to ensure politicians in Stormont take urgent measures to protect what the coalition describes as the north’s “rare and unique marine life”. Continue reading “People power seeks SeaChangeNI”

Switch on to Earth Hour

People and businesses in over 170 countries switched off their lights for Earth Hour 2015
Over 170 countries took part in Earth Hour 2015 (London in darkness last year – WWF Media Centre)


EACH of us has a role to  play in helping make the world a better place and how better than by simply switching off your lights for an hour from 8.30pm to mark Earth Hour on Saturday March 19.

Light some candles, flick those switches, and become part of WWF’s global “grassroots movement” to protect our planet. 

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Close encounter with a pine marten

Pine martens are making a comeback in Ireland's forests
Pine martens are making a comeback in Ireland’s forests


DESPITE having written about Ireland’s pine martens as a print journalist it was nevertheless a surprise when I recently encountered one myself on a quiet country road.

I was driving my daughter home at around 9pm from a Cubs meeting in the picturesque Nire Valley in Co Waterford – a Nirvana for hillwalkers – when a long-tailed creature dashed in front of the car.

The long body, darkish fur and creamy neck were unmistakable, but I was able to confirm my theory when I got home through my nature bible, the Collins Complete Irish Wildlife.

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Dry spell sparks wildfire warning

Fire fighters battling a 2015 blaze in Co Clare. Picture by RTÉ
Fire fighters battling a 2015 blaze in Co Clare (RTÉ)

THE long-awaited dry spell may have brought some respite from the winter rains, but it has also prompted Irish officials to issue a warning about the dangers posed by wildfires to natural landscapes, wildlife and even human lives.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has said it wants to remind farmers, forest owners/managers and the public that wildfires have caused extensive damage or destruction during the spring months in recent years. Continue reading “Dry spell sparks wildfire warning”

Fracking play for Northern Ireland tour

Fracking play to tour Northern Ireland
A scene from the stage play ‘This Land’ which looks at how the global fracking controversy impacts the lives of ordinary people  – it is due to tour Northern Ireland in April 2016

A NEW play taking a grassroots look at the controversial mining method known as Fracking is set to hit stages in Northern Ireland during April 2016.

Fracking play

The play, This Land by Siân Owen, is a co-production by Pentabus Theatre Company and Salisbury Playhouse, and will tour four venues across the north from April 6-9. Continue reading “Fracking play for Northern Ireland tour”

Food Waste Costs Cash

Food going to landfill.
Wasting food hits our pockets and harms the environment

THROWING away unused food that is past its best is a probably an auto-pilot action for most of us, but what we don’t realise is that when we bin grub we’re also chucking away money.

The STOP Food Waste programme has a raft of startling statistics on food waste in the Republic of Ireland. Continue reading “Food Waste Costs Cash”

Nature helps nurture kids

Rainy days should not mean kids stay indoors
Mucking around is good for kids’ physical and mental wellbeing

CHILDREN’S easy access to modern technology in today’s world is in danger of leaving them cut off from nature.

It’s always tempting for busy parents to use TV, computers and mobile devices to keep their children occupied when life is hectic. But, adults should also look to nature as a valuable resource to keep youngsters busy, active and curious. Continue reading “Nature helps nurture kids”