Homemade lemonade fab on hot days!

Homemade lemonade
Our homemade lemon and limeade disappears fast so it’s handy to keep some syrup in the fridge!

THE RECENT hot spell has inspired me to make, and write about, our family’s favourite summer drink – homemade lemon and limeade.

One of the many advantages of writing this blog is that it encourages me to continue learning new things, so I decided to find out something about the origins of lemonade.

Here’s an interesting nugget to drop into conversation next time you’re sitting outside sipping lemonade with friends – the Crusaders brought lemons and the art of lemonade-making back to Europe from Palestine (although some say it was first discovered in 10th Century Egypt)!

Our lemonade recipe

Our recipe, which requires both lemons and limes (because I love the latter), has evolved from a few years back when our daughters decided they wanted to erect a lemonade stand to make some hard cash for their summer holidays – they were about seven and four at the time.

We had already been making our own lemonade and they decided in true capitalism spirit that the product was so good they wanted to share it with the world… at a price! The only challenge was our location – we live on a very quiet road in the countryside, but business was pretty brisk after I texted the neighbours about the girls’ scheme.

After sticking rigidly to a recipe-book concoction for the first few times we started to experiment a little and now have what we consider the perfect lemon and limeade drink!

Our recipe is pretty flexible so we would suggest tinkering with the ingredients until you find a blend that suits your particular taste. 

Lemonade Ingredients:

100g granulated sugar

100ml water

Juice of two lemons

Juice of two limes

500ml – 700ml still or sparkling water (to be added at bottling stage)

Method for lemon and limeade:

  1. Add the sugar to the water and allow to slowly melt before bringing to the boil for two minutes to create a sugar syrup.
  2. Set aside syrup to cool and then add the lemon and lime juice, pouring all into a sterilised bottle (a large jug is also good) before popping into the fridge for a couple of hours.
  3. When you feel all the ingredients have cooled enough combine the juice and syrup mix with the water – make sure to KEEP taste testing until you achieve the right combination for you! Then either pop your bottle or jug back into the fridge until you’re ready or combine with ice cubes and serve.

It’s worth keeping some sugar syrup – it’s always equal parts sugar and water – in the fridge for when you want it. We’ve found that it will last for several days and it’s so handy to just add it to juice and water when thirst strikes.

There are also plenty of other recipes online including strawberryade and sugar-free varieties. I absolutely love the taste of ginger so I’m hoping to work on a recipe that suits people who like to give their taste buds a little kick!

You can also give homemade lemonade to family and friends as a gift – it’s a great way of re-using glass bottles rather than simply recycling them.

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