When crawlies are not so creepy – the hidden benefits of earthworms

Getting your hands dirty saving earthworms has more benefits than some parents might think!


WATCHING my daughter Becca (8) rescue earthworms while I dug the garden got me thinking about the benefits of allowing children to get mucky.

As she scrambled around to protect the worms from our hens, Becca was being exposed to what I consider healthy bugs. She was running her own conservation mission while chatting to me about why she loved earthworms.

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Home remedies for lice and nits

Lice and nits are the bane of families with children but can be tackled with home remedies

NOW that children are settled back into a new school year, parents and guardians are preparing to combat an age-old foe – the much-dreaded lice and nits.

These tiny pests cause havoc in classrooms and homes, with many adults thinking that the best way to tackle them is by using over-the-counter medicinal treatments.

However, these products contain insecticides and lice are reportedly becoming increasingly resistant to many of them. Also, getting rid of lice and nits once does not stop children from coming into contact with them again through classmates, so it can be handy to know how to make your family louse and nit-free using products you already have in your bathroom and kitchen. Continue reading “Home remedies for lice and nits”

Ballyhoura Outdoor Classroom – letting kids learn at Griston Bog


Griston Bog
Griston Bog is the perfect outdoor classroom for inquisitive kids eager to learn about nature!

OUTDOORSY kids are happy kids, in my opinion, so I’ve been fascinated to recently learn about the Ballyhoura Outdoor Classroom, which is set to host tours of a Co Limerick raised bog during July 2016.

The project, which is run by the non-profit body Ballyhoura Heritage and Environment Ltd, is basically designed to get youngsters outside, discovering and learning about the world around them.

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Nature’s classroom: Adventure and discovery for me and my girls

Nature's classroom
Summer is a great time to visit nature’s classroom, especially if you’re taking part in #30DaysWild!


AFTER a morning spent in a hot car and then a hot room listening to Primary School children singing we made the most of the afternoon by heading to what I consider our local nature’s classroom!

We’ve been having a blast taking part in the 30DaysWild challenge, but it’s been a little nuts because of Ava (10) and Becca’s (8) after-school activities.

On Day 2 we made sure that the garden birds and other wildlife had plenty of water to drink but Day 3 was a bit of a write-off, although I did plant some everlasting sweetpea seeds, which I understand are good for pollinators.

However, today has been the real deal. After arriving back from the girls’ singing event – they sounded lovely – we had lunch, piled our dogs Molly (14.5) and Dandy (2) into the car and headed to Carey’s Castle! Continue reading “Nature’s classroom: Adventure and discovery for me and my girls”

Nature tips for free time fun

Nature provides the best playground
Children learn to use their imaginations when they play outdoors



Nature in Springtime provides the perfect interactive playground so I have put together a few simple ideas for keeping children busy during their free time.

I’ve previously written about how kids are become increasingly less active, and less connected with nature, compared to previous generations.

Helping children to learn about, and appreciate nature, has multiple benefits – it inspires their imagination; it encourages what I call invisible learning (it feels like play rather than work so they don’t realise it’s happening), they are physically active, and they are developing an interest in their environment.

And of course, there are plenty of benefits for the grown-ups involved – spending a day outdoors can be just as enjoyable and informative for them.

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Nature helps nurture kids

Rainy days should not mean kids stay indoors
Mucking around is good for kids’ physical and mental wellbeing

CHILDREN’S easy access to modern technology in today’s world is in danger of leaving them cut off from nature.

It’s always tempting for busy parents to use TV, computers and mobile devices to keep their children occupied when life is hectic. But, adults should also look to nature as a valuable resource to keep youngsters busy, active and curious. Continue reading “Nature helps nurture kids”