Attenborough: Renewable energy sources are key to saving Earth

Attenborough says humanity must recognise its dependence on Nature
Sir David Attenborough says world leaders have the power to save the planet


VETERAN broadcaster Sir David Attenborough tells a new podcast series The Glass Bead Game that global leaders have the power and resources to resolve the world energy crisis if they possess the will to act.

Wildlife expert, Attenborough, whose 1979 BBC series Life On Earth is said to have been watched by 500 million people, is one of the first contributors to the 12-part series, which is being put together by the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex.

Award-winning filmmaker Will Hood interviewed the popular figure for a two-part episode, called The Meaning of Climate Change. And Attenborough does not disappoint. Continue reading “Attenborough: Renewable energy sources are key to saving Earth”

Fracking play for Northern Ireland tour

Fracking play to tour Northern Ireland
A scene from the stage play ‘This Land’ which looks at how the global fracking controversy impacts the lives of ordinary people  – it is due to tour Northern Ireland in April 2016

A NEW play taking a grassroots look at the controversial mining method known as Fracking is set to hit stages in Northern Ireland during April 2016.

Fracking play

The play, This Land by Siân Owen, is a co-production by Pentabus Theatre Company and Salisbury Playhouse, and will tour four venues across the north from April 6-9. Continue reading “Fracking play for Northern Ireland tour”